Drain Line Maintenance Solutions
Free Evaluation for select cities
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Do you have frequent plumbing emergencies at your restaurant or commercial kitchen? 
How often are you calling plumbers, drain-cleaners, drain jetters, and sewer line inspectors?

Drain-Net Technologies offers simple "preventative" solutions to your common plumbing problems?  We have helped thousands of restaurants and facilities dramatically reduce money spend on repairs and maintenance and we want to help you.  That is why we are providing a free facility drain evaluation.

Why should I get a Drain Evaluation?
Identify problem area for drains
Identify "preventative" solutions for your facility
Receive quotation for products to quickly calculate ROI
You could save your business hundreds and even thousands of dollars by preventing common drain-related problems.
No hassle and no risk

What makes Drain-Net different?
We don't fix drain clogs and backups - we prevent them from ever happening!
We have a non-chemical approach toward drain line maintenance which is safer for the environment and staff.
Our products really do save you money.  Most restaurants can install drain strainers and drain baskets in all their drains for less than the cost of one service visit!
We offer a wide variety of drain and grease related products.

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Frequent Drain & Grease Trap Servicing
Drain Back Ups and Flooded Floors
Harmful Drain Cleaning Chemical
Expensive Facility Repairs
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